Chicago’s hockey people: Kevin Magnuson


Everybody who met Keith Magnuson, even just once, appears to have a story to tell.

Kevin Magnuson, Keith’s child, has heard a great deal of those stories and keeps on hearing new ones. Kevin never becomes ill of them. While his dad has now been away for almost 14 years, it’s those stories, in addition to the ones about his Blackhawks playing days and his philanthropy work, that keep on keeping his soul alive.

Kevin has his very own hefty portion stories and wouldn’t fret sharing those either. From Kevin’s own particular playing profession to turning into a hockey specialist to his own particular altruistic work to exactly his identity as a man and family man, he’s been impacted in such a variety of routes by his dad.

Kevin, 40, shared a few stories about his dad, examined growing up playing hockey in the Chicago territory, being a piece of the Blackhawks family, being a hockey operator and considerably more amid a current sit-down meeting.

Scott Powers: Did you grow up cherishing hockey? Is it accurate to say that it was simple for you to grasp?

Kevin Magnuson: My father energized my sister and I to play each game. I swear. He was extremely athletic himself. It was back when youngsters can play a considerable measure of games instead of specialization that everybody has now. Along these lines, hockey, golf, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, actually played each game, and after that secondary school I played golf in the fall, hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. Those were my three. At that point my lesser year, I simply played golf and hockey just to spare my body sort of for the spring to prepare. However, my sister was an all-state tennis player. For some odd reason hockey wound up being my best game. Yet, it likewise had an in-house mentor, that my father gave a considerable measure of criticism, was included, wasn’t over the best, however knew I loved the input. When I began to get comes about on the ice, it’s only something or other, human instinct, you have a tendency to do what you’re best at and hockey wound up being that.

SP: What are your initial recollections of him in hockey?

KM: I don’t recall him playing. I recall him training for the 18 months. I recollect him being in the locker room. Didn’t generally comprehend the entire thing. I was five or six years of age. Terry Ruskowski was the chief at the time, wanted to upset me, however I knew it was all in great fun. In any case, everybody was so extraordinary. It’s stunning to think back when my father was mentor what number of players and previous colleagues have moved onto administration positions. Doug Wilson in San Jose was a genuine dear companion and colleague of my dad’s, Bob Murray in Anaheim, Dale Tallon in Florida, Darryl Sutter, you know he will locate another employment. It just appears like the Blackhawk family has recently spread around the NHL, which is truly cool for me now in what I’m doing. Just to manage them business-wise – believe me, they don’t help me since they have a vocation to do – yet in the event that I ever have any inquiries, they’re an awesome sounding board to skip things off.

SP: I ran over a story where the Blackhawks had basically saluted you on producing passing results for the lawyer’s quiz. Clearly, your dad implied a considerable measure to the entire association, however it went past that, yes?

KM: I adore the way that you’re bringing it up. That was from Bill Wirtz. In this way, I kept running into Mr. Wirtz in the city just haphazardly. I simply ceased in my tracks and stated, ‘Hello, Mr. Wirtz.’ ‘Gracious, Kevin great to see you.’ This was about not as much as a year from when he passed away. I revealed to him I simply need to tell you that I just did the certified lawyer’s exam – I was all the while drifting around, super energized – I just got through the law oriented test. He stated, that is magnificent news, quite recently truly energized for me. And after that the following day, over the highest point of the Blackhawks’ site was that message.

He was a stunning man. Individuals give him a ton of anguish for his possession choices, and, beyond any doubt, there were some sketchy ones. Be that as it may, as a man, I trust you’ve heard this some time recently, not a more liberal and minding individual truly in the historical backdrop of Chicago games and proprietorship. He dealt with our family hugy when my father passed away. We owe an obligation of appreciation to him and their family. The family environment with the Wirtzes, with my father to be utilized as a player for a long time and afterward a mentor for eighteen months, the Wirtz family, we have such a great amount of regard for them to today.

Kevin Magnuson gave a discourse at his dad’s number retirement service at the United Center. (Bill Smith/NHLI by means of Getty Images)

SP: Was there a point in your youth where you understood who your father was, what kind of player he was?

KM: I think 6th or seventh grade I began to get a handle on what my father had achieved. I figure not until the point that I strolled into Lake Forest High School where I began playing varsity as a first year recruit that I truly comprehended what a major effect he had one the city, how much individuals admired him. Try not to misunderstand me, I had been hearing things my whole life, yet it didn’t generally click for me until the point that I got in secondary school. I generally thought that it was irritating to go to Blackhawks recreations with my father since we would never get to our seats sufficiently snappy on the grounds that he’d generally stop and sign signatures. That is simply being a child, being irritated and underestimating his acclaim and prominence.

In this way, Lake Forest High School, being there unquestionably caught on. It’s difficult to comprehend his effect on individuals’ lives as a player. Clearly what he did outside of hockey with foundations and everything, truly observed that even at a prior age. He did as such much work for Special Olympics. I recollect him getting back home from being with competitors amid the day, and he would be in such an alternate inclination, only a major grin all over, truly drifting on air, only the experience he had with the competitors. I recall that. That sort of snaps with me more than understanding the hockey stuff.

In any case, WGN was sufficiently decent to assemble a Beta tape, an old-school Beta tape, of him playing that we got as a family. I think it had quite recently turned into our first year. Thus once we kicked that and I off playing it, I understood what a marvelous vocation he had and what an effect he made when on the ice. He was one of those players when he was on the ice you unquestionably knew about where he was on the grounds that he was so physical and played with such energy.

SP: I ran over another story where you thought some player was coming after you on the ice and he simply needed to tell you he was named after your dad. That genuine?

KM: So, after I played at the University of Michigan, I played two years of minor ace. My first year I at long last settled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the East Coast League. Also, this is huge, brawny looking person, missing three front teeth skates up to me peculiarly. I was much the same as, goodness, kid, here we go. This was in preparing camp. I’m preparing myself for a battle. He just resembled that sort of fellow. He stated, ‘Unwind, man, I simply needed to disclose to you that I’m Keith Bland and I was named after your father. It’s better than average to meet you and I trust you make the group.’ I wound up making the group. He wound up being a better than average mate of mine, showed me some battling moves. He was an extreme person. That wasn’t the first and that certainly wasn’t the last I heard individuals named after my father, since he just impacted such a variety of various individuals.

SP: It’s rarer now to play secondary school hockey and still have a school and star vocation. Was that by plan?

KM: So, I was Lake Forest from ’92 to ’95. Around then, Illinois secondary school hockey was entirely great. Like AAA, there’s just two AAA groups. My father essentially stated, in case you’re sufficient, they’ll see you. He needed me to have some kind of regularity with the secondary school group. We struggled Loyola each and every year. It was Loyola, New Trier, Lake Forest, Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South and after that even South Side Catholic groups – St. Viator, St. Rita, Fenwick. There was around 12-15 groups each year that were in the blend. Good country Park truly ventured up amid my four years.

Be that as it may, in any case, the hockey was great. A great deal of players were in AAA and secondary school. It was a decent blend of that. The hockey was great, route superior to anything it is today, tragically for secondary school hockey by and large. In this way, it was by outline. I knew I’d need to play junior hockey after secondary school. It was fundamentally, do as well as could be expected the four years at Lake Forest High School, see what junior hockey brought and after that I was drafted by Dubuque. I was really drafted by two different groups, one in Ontario and after that a place in the Western junior hockey class. It wasn’t the WHL. It was a class that was a school feeder. I had these three unique alternatives. I was sufficiently fortunate that I made every one of the three groups, yet Dubuque appeared like the ideal fit. The USHL now is only a noteworthy relentless constrain with school duties, the players they deliver. It was extraordinary hockey in those days, so I was truly fortunate to play for Dubuque for a year. What’s more, Michigan had begun to take a gander at me as a senior at Lake Forest High School, however I certainly required that time of junior hockey to prepare for Michigan.

SP: Is there any expectation Illinois secondary school hockey can move toward becoming something like they have in Minnesota or do the AAA groups have excessively of a stranglehold on the opposition?

KM: Yeah, I think they have excessively of a stranglehold of rivalry. The four AAA groups, they’re such all around oiled machines and that procedure. In the event that when I graduate in ’95 from secondary school and it continued making strides from that point, it was a plausibility that it could have been a Minnesota. However, it’s such a long history of Minnesota. It just truly most likely never had an opportunity to get by as far as that level. My senior year at Lake Forest out of all the secondary school hockey players, eight wound up playing Division I in the end on grant. It sort of demonstrates the level. It’s truly well done, isn’t that so? Presently Chicago hockey is blasting and it’s astonishing. It’s too terrible that the secondary school hockey couldn’t get some footing since you get the opportunity to play before your companions and your family constantly,


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