Class 12th | Notes, NCERT Solutions


Here understudies can discover best NCERT answers for different subjects of their IX standard, for example, Hindi, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. We furnish you with the best review material that understudies regularly investigate the web and what they commonly require.

Test Papers are essential components for understudies to develop their examination aptitudes and for honing before they truly confront their examinations. They really improve the evaluations you get on the grounds that they give you much experience for your examination.

Best and least demanding part notes with the goal that you have every one of your ideas and questions cleared in each subject and every section and you give your best in tests and examinations.

Additional inquiries that assistance you to go into the profundities of everything that you have scholarly and diverse sorts of inquiries will help you to assemble your certainty about every idea.

MCQs in different subjects that are truly fundamental with a specific end goal to remain for your examinations and are in certainty a less demanding approach to see short answer sort or single word answer sort questions.

NCERT arrangements that assistance you in the event that you are not ready to locate the right responses for the inquiries asked in your course readings and need to clear your questions over these inquiries.

Tests and Tests that build up your insight as well as fun enough that you would need to attempt every one of them and hence by playing little tests you would have taken in a great deal about your sections.

Class 12th English Contents

  • Class 12th English Reading
  • Class 12th English Writing
  • Class 12th English Grammer
  • Class 12th English Literature Reader
  • Class 12th English Main Course Book
  • Class 12th English Workbook
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Mathematics

  • Class 12th Math Formula’s
  • Class 12th Math NCERT Solution’s
  • Class 12th Math R.D. Sharma Solution’s
  • Class 12th Math R.S. Aggarwal Solution’s
  • Class 12th Math Extra Question’s
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Science

  • Class 12th Science Short Notes
  • Class 12th Science Long Notes
  • Class 12th Science NCERT Solution’s
  • Class 12th Science Extra Question’s
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Social Studies [Social Science]

  • Class 12th Social Studies History Notes
  • Class 12th Social Studies Civics Notes
  • Class 12th Social Studies Geography Notes
  • Class 12th Social Studies Economics Notes
  • Class 12th Social Studies NCERT Solution’s
  • Class 12th Social Studies Extra Question’s & Answers
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Hindi

  • Class 12th Hindi Kritika                                                       Notes | Solutions
  • Class 12th Hindi Kshitiz                                                       Notes | Solutions
  • Class 12th Hindi Sparsh                                                      Notes | Solutions
  • Class 12th Hindi Sanchayan                                               Notes | Solutions
  • Class 12th Hindi Extra QnA
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Computer Science [IT]

  • Class 12th Computer NCERT Solution’s
  • Sample Paper’s

Class 12th Sanskrit

  • Class 12th Sanskrit NCERT Solution Manika I
  • Class 12th Sanskrit NCERT Solution Manika I (Work Book)
  • Sample Paper’s



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